Warehouse Management System

Transform warehouse operations to meet the challenges of today’s demand-driven marketplace, successfully managing complex fulfillment operations, and gaining total inventory visibility—from the distribution center to the store shelf.

Our WMS is a software solution to control and manage the regular warehouse operations from the time the goods enter the warehouse until they move out. Our WMS Software has multi-site warehousing capabilities with bar-coding and RFID tracking technologies. It covers all the activities of an on-premise system, along with customized integrations to multiple existing systems to support the complex and multichannel fulfilment processes of every modern warehouse.

With internet being more accessible worldwide, digital technology has transformed how customers make purchases —disrupting supply markets, changing customer buying patterns, and adding complexity to the supply chain-fulfillment operations need to meet the changes with a digitally connected solution of their own.

Our WMS software is now available on the Cloud and can meet the connected consumer with a connected fulfillment solution that offers real time visibility, scalability, and market reactivity. With low TCO compared to its peers, Our WMS software delivers a quick RoI.

Make things easier. Key features.

  • Receiving and Putaway Management
  • Order and Fulfilment Management
  • Outbound Allocation and Picking Management
  • Cycle Counting and Planning
  • Location Management
  • Material Master Management
  • Inventory Tracking
  • Kit Configuration & Management
  • 3PL Management

Our WMS software is built for integration. The solution supports integration with host Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and supply chain solutions (SCM). Our Cloud based software is a new paradigm in SCM software—a robust, next-generation, warehouse solution available at an outstanding value. Our friendly team are standing by to answer any questions you have regarding your Warehouse management requirements.

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