Advance Battery Solution from Hawker

HAWKER WATER LESS® 20 is capable of operating for up to 100 cycles (approx. 20 weeks in normal duty applications) before topping-up is required. Standard batteries with 50 Hz chargers would normally need topping up on a weekly basis so moving to 20 weeks could reduce your labour costs by as much as 90%! Hawker® Water Less® 20 traction batteries provide the level of power and reliability needed for low to heavy duty industrial truck applications. Hawker Water Less range is at the leading edge of battery technology and brings added efficiency to your business. A low electrolyte level indicator fitted on the battery informs the user of the battery when water topping up is needed


  • More Time: longer topping up intervals
  • More Flexibility: suitable for 50 Hz and Hawker Modular chargers (with suitable profile)
  • More Savings: reduced electricity costs when used with Hawker Modular Chargers
  • Lower carbon footprint

STANDARD EQUIPMENT WI-IQ® AND MODULAR CHARGER CONNECTIVITY Wi-iQ® is a small electronic device that collects data from the battery: identity, capacity, temperature, voltage and current. It also gives an indication if the battery develops a voltage imbalance that requires service intervention. When used with our software program Wi-iQ Reporting Suite, a range of management reports are available. Modular chargers (Life iQ™ Modular range) are capable of communication with the battery via the Wi-iQ.

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