Healthcare & Cosmetics

Hazardous material storage, temperature controlled environment and rigid security measures, are normal requirements when it comes to logistics in this sector. Mistakes are simply not an option and Stack Group is well equipped to meet the challenges, offering perfect solutions for your applications.

We offer comprehensive solutions to optimize your goods flow and raise the efficiency of the systems, while upholding the quality and safety standards. Jungheinrich forklift trucks with explosion protection, enables safe operation of electric and diesel trucks in environments containing flammable gases, vapors, powders and dusts. Jungheinrich trucks meet the requirements of European ATEX Directive 2014/24/EU(ATEX = atmosphere explosibles).

Solutions from Stack Group
  • Intelligent racking systems including static racks or flow racks.
  • Manual, semi, and fully-automated picking system.
  • Material Handling systems for fast and safe material flow.
  • Wide range of products for goods-to-person systems.
  • High-quality Bins & Containers-including antimicrobial containers.
  • Enterprise warehouse management software and seamless integration with ERP software solutions.

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