In a globalized logistics, cost-efficient outsourcing of services is the norm and 3-PL Logistics providers have the know-how, expertise and guarantees optimum storage solutions with speed, flexibility and safety of your stored products. Stack Group will support you with tailor-made solutions for your goods, with your storage, transport, automation and everything else required to future-proof your logistics processes.

Solutions from Stack Group
  • Both greenfield and retrofit storage solutions.
  • High-density Narrow Aisle Racking.
  • Mobile Racking.
  • High-Bay Very Narrow Aisle Truck with Warehouse Navigation systems.
  • Bins & Containers.
  • Enterprise warehouse management software and seamless integration with ERP software solutions for manual, partially-automated or fully automated warehouses and distribution centers.
Benefits for collaborating with Stack Group
  • Optimal design of an existing or new warehouse.
  • Increasing your material-handling efficiency.
  • Optimizing your stock levels.

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