Automated Storage & Retrieval System

Storage-retrieval machines and shuttle systems for pallets provide automated pallet handling and maximize efficiency.

Efficient pallet transport thanks to storage machines and shuttle systems: SSI SCHAEFER’s storage-retrieval machines (SRM) and shuttle systems for pallets are key elements in a cost-optimized logistics chain. Wherever you need optimized storage with rapid material transport and short access times, SSI SCHAEFER offers you innovative storage-retrieval machines and shuttle systems as a flexible, economical and optimized solution. Profit from optimum turnover performance and experience the vastly increased efficiency.

High bay warehouses guarantee optimum space utilization, faster and more direct access and secure storage up to 40 m high.

Modular product solutions from a single source

Products from SSI SCHAEFER are manufactured specifically for the customer on the basis of standardized components. The in-house production guarantees you consistent quality together with absolutely reliable products. SSI SCHAEFER guarantees the perfect interaction of all components through its engineering services, machine and steel construction along with control technology and proprietary IT and software competence, all from a single supplier.

Benefits :

  • Direct access to every pallet.
  • Low investment.
  • Accommodates multiple load sizes and SKUs.
  • Good product protection.
  • Limited pallet redundancy as the system can run at 95% capacity, with our WMS.
  • Maximized storage capacity and throughput, combined with high inventory accuracy
  • High density storage, excellent floor area utilization vertically and horizontally

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