Battery & Charger Service

The beating heart of your vehicle.

A strong battery is at the heart of our electric industrial trucks. To ensure your vehicle has full power at all times, the reliable and competent battery service from Stack Group will ensure that Jungheinrich Lift Truck Battery is at optimum.

Stack Group Service Department is optimally positioned for the electrification of your fleet: our battery service includes status checks through battery inspection, battery maintenance, care tips and the optional provision of replacement or Rental batteries.

We will clean your batteries, extract liquids and identify any weak points, thus greatly reducing the risk to both the operator and the truck due to electric shocks or battery acid. This will save you the significant costs associated with downtime and massively extend the service life of your batteries.

Our Service Department will provide you with comprehensive advice so that you can reliably prevent damage due to oxidation, short circuits and heat development while also eliminating the possibility of cell damage. 

Charge up and get started

The best battery is only as good as a fully working charger. That’s why we offer the Jungheinrich charger service: our service staff will help you to comply with all the necessary regulations and inspection periods. This provides you with long-term investment security for trucks, batteries and chargers.


  • Extension of battery useful life
  • Ensuring the performance of your vehicles
  • Safeguarding of high-performance batteries with maximum efficiency.
  • Efficient prevention of repairs and downtime.
  • Early detection and reduction of wear.
  • Enhanced safety and greater performance.
  • Consulting and manufacturer expertise from a single source.

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