ECE 220/225

Jungheinrich Low Level Order Pickers ECE Series 2 combine highest picking performance with optimum energy efficiency.

Offering various operating levels, these vehicles cover individual storage requirements without the slightest effort and meaning optimized picking process with maximum performance. The ECE Series 2 Low Level Order Pickers have a cushioned and adjustable stand-on platform, which protects against impact.

Assistance systems such as dayLED daytime running lights, floor spot or the optional curveCONTROL ensure the necessary safety.

Product Detail

  • Lift: 125 mm
  • Capacity: 2000 to 2500 kg
  • Travel Speed unladen/laden: 12.5 km/h

Basic features

  • Sturdy construction for tough applications
  • Lithium-ion battery (optional) – 5 year guarantee
  • Maximum throughput with the lowest energy consumption
  • Safe cornering speed – load dependent curveCONTROL (optional)
  • jetPILOT for long distance travel (from approx.. 10 km)
  • Torsion-resistant load forks with draw bar kinematics
  • Activation of truck by EasyAccess via softkey. PIN code or optional transponder card
  • Optional drive & ecoPLUS package for additional energy savings  


  • Optimum picking performance with low energy consumption
  • Powerful motor with high acceleration
  • Compact design with a spacious operator seat
  • jetPILOT for intuitive operations same as driving car
  • Semi-automatic remote control easyPILOT (optional)

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