EKS 210 / 312

Jungheinrich EKS 210 medium/high level order picker combines optimum picking performance with impressive energy efficiency.

Our EKS 210 energy saving and freely movable 24-V model excels in a wide-aisle warehouse with excellent ergonomics and picking performance.

Extended mast portfolio assists in order picking heights of more than 6.5 meters with utmost ease. Ergonomic work environment provides optimized operating condition and perfect all-round visibility.

Product Detail

Lift: 2800 to 4750 mm
Capacity: 1000 kg
Travel Speed: 9 km/h

Basic features

  • Cost-effective energy management
  • Robust design
  • Ergonomically tailored for use in wide aisles
  • Fast and reliable commissioning - Integrated diagnostic system
  • FloorSpot equipped- Projects a clearly visible light spot
  • High process reliability thanks to order-picking optimization
  • Individual configuration with options – additional lift, load-side access or open version
  • Optional Lithium-ion technology – Extremely short charging
  • Spacious cab with best all-round visibility


  • Maximum picking performance with lowest energy consumption
  • Powerful engine for high handling capacity
  • WMS connection via Logistics Interface for optimized process
  • Picking height up to 6.5 m
  • All the better to see and be seen
  • Lithium-ion technology – 5 years Guarantee on Li-Ion Batteries

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