EKX Cold Store

Jungheinrich brand new EKX Cold Store High Rack Stacker is amalgamation of award winning EKX Stacker with Cold Store features.  Adoption of this new, trailer-made Cold Store truck and its inherent technology will instantly give you a competitive advantage.

Jungheinrich are leaders in energy related technologies and employ energy recovery and highly effective energy management in all products. This technology enables you to use the stacker for two shifts under normal operation without having to change the battery. The ergonomic and comfortable heated cab provides your employees with a safe workspace, allowing extended time to be spent operating in the Cold Store environment.

Our new feature filled EKX Cold Store Tri-Lateral Stacker sets the benchmark with regard to flexibility, ergonomics and cost-effectiveness and delivers excellent throughput via performance with maximum efficiency at temperatures between -2°C and -28°C. 

Product Detail

  • Lift: 3000 to 12000 mm
  • Type of Mast: Duplex mast ZT & Triplex Mast DZ
  • Capacity: 1000 to 1300 kg
  • Travel speed: Up to 12 km/h

Basic features

  • High flexibility and optimized speed with RFID ground control technology
  • Heated cabin ergonomic cab
  • High level of efficiency – 3-phase AC technology
  • Reduced maintenance and wear


  • Completely robust in Freezing temperature-Low-temperature steel & Low-viscosity hydraulic oil
  • Maintenance-free and lowest energy consumption in its class-synchronous reluctance motors
  • Fully isolated cab with two-stage heater and fresh air supply with filters
  • Intelligent tracking of the truck via RFID technology
  • Energy recovery during loading and braking
  • Ideally suited for VNA Pallet Racking, Powered Mobile Racking and Shuttle Systems


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