ETV/ETM 214/216

Jungheinrich ETV Series 2 Reach Truck speeds up your warehouse operations with travelling speeds of up to 14 kilometers per hour. Our ETV trucks ensure impressive performance in drive-through, pallet or drive-in racking, as well as in single-shift and multi-shift operations.

Our Series 2 ETM is your first choice for drive-in racking or block warehouses due to its narrower design. The ergonomic workstation with intuitive, comfortable handling via the operator's display allows effective working. You can significantly benefit from higher throughput while reducing energy consumption. The very latest drive and control technology as well as individually selectable battery variants make our reach trucks the most economical partners for every application.

Product Detail

  • Lift: 4550 to 10700 mm
  • Capacity: 1400 to 1600 kg
  • Travel Speed unladen/laden: 14 km/h
  • Lift speed laden/unladen: 0.38 to 0.70 m/s
  • Retracted mast height: 2400 mm

Basic features

  • Maximum throughput with the lowest energy consumption
  • Operations- sideways seated
  • High-performance mast-Triplex masts with lifting height up to 10,700 mm
  • Patented mast reach cushioning (optional)
  • Electric steering-180degree or 360 degree mode
  • Lithium ion battery (optional) – 5 year guarantee
  • Optional assistance systems – operationCONTROL, positionCONTROL with SNAP functions
  • Fork Camera with adjustable monitor (optional)
  • Weight control – not to exceed residual capacity (optional)


  • Compact design for narrow working aisle
  • High residual capacities even at extreme lift heights
  • 180 degree and 360 degree steering for flexible maneuverability
  • Wide range of assistance systems
  • soloPILOT control lever for sensitive stacking
  • Various tailor-made optional features


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