Transmission & Hydraulic Oil Service

Fast, clean and genuine. 

Professional oil changes with the Stack Group Hydraulic Oil Service helps you avoid costly repairs by planning appropriate oil changes with environmentally friendly waste disposal.

Stack Group Engineer will ensure the long term reliability and longevity of your Jungheinrich Lift Truck. Due to daily use of Lift Truck, hydraulic oil is constantly exposed to high pressure, high temperature and can be contaminated due to exposure to dust and moisture. These factors can cause increased risk due to premature wear of hydraulic components, and damage caused by corrosion.  Regular replacement of hydraulic oils helps to prevent breakdowns, reduce wear and extend the life of expensive hydraulic components.

Our service includes:

  • Removal of spent oil and environmentally friendly waste disposal
  • System refill with certified Jungheinrich quality oils
  • The replacement of filters
  • Inspection of hydraulic hoses

At your request, our service engineers not only take care of your Jungheinrich trucks but also of your other Brand MHE such as Toyota BT, Linde, Still, Crown, ATLET, CAT etc.


  • Preserving operational safety and avoiding costly repairs
  • Protecting the environment from oil waste thanks to professional and sustained handling
  • Cost transparency and dependability of the service
  • Minimizing downtimes
  • Peace of mind due to compliance with all legal regulations

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