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We don’t just deliver any dock levelers
We deliver sophisticated dock levelers that suits your requirements


Dock levelers

Our range of dock levellers offers you the possibility to professionally bridge the difference in height and distance between the warehouse and the vehicle. Dock levellers are available in a comprehensive range of dimensions, loading capacities, as well as a range of construction interface possibilities.

Dock levelers
Dock Doors

Dock Doors

Quality and safety at its maximum, down time and maintenance requirements to the least, durability and life span to the longest is what we promise with our range of dock doors. 

Dock shelters

Our extensive dock shelter programme guarantees optimal sealing between the building and the vehicle. During loading and unloading, the dock shelter protects people and goods against sudden temperature differences and weather influences. Our dock shelters are practical, safe and efficient.

Dock shelters
Loading Ramps​

Loading Ramps

Our complete loading ramp programme offers you the possibility to bridge small differences in height between loading and unloading in an efficient manner.

Protection Systems

Avoid accidents and damage to goods and materials by using lorry restraint systems and intelligent access control systems.

Protection Systems​
High-speed & Fire Rated doors

High-speed & Fire Rated doors

We provide a total programme of quick rolling and quick folding doors, to suite most requirements and the Loading Systems fire door is fully compliant with European standards and certification.

Dock Houses

Our range of loading houses enable optimal utilisation of the internal warehouse space by housing the loading bay equipment external to the building. We can provide a wide range of sizes to suite most requirements including ambient or insulated cladding options.

Dock Houses​
Sectional Doors​

Sectional Doors

Loading Systems manufactures its own sectional door products and by using universal components we can offer a comprehensive range of products to suite every application. Versatility, combined with high-quality products ensures maximum insulation of the building.