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Economical and popular

Known as adjustable pallet racking

order picking

100% Selectivity for storage up to 14m in height

Low floor area utilization

30% net pallet area usage

Featured Benefits

Stock rotation

Optimized storage and efficient handling makes the stock rotation easy and cost effective

Order picking

100% selectivity

limited pallet redundancy

The system can run at 95% capacity, with a competent Warehouse Management System (WMS) and hence, ensures limited pallet redundancy

Pallet Racking System

Commonly known as adjustable pallet racking, this is the perhaps the most popular and economical form of pallet racking providing safe 100% selective storage up to 14m in height, fully utilized valuable air space. 

Interlock Pallet Racking can be designed to meet virtually any pallet size or weight and can be used in conjunction with all types of lift trucks. A wide range of accessories is available to accommodate non-standard loads.

Pallet Racking System
VNA Pallet Racking System

VNA Pallet Racking

Interlock Pallet racking systems are designed to meet the new generation of warehouses, designed around the operating tolerances of VNA equipment with aisles marginally wider than the load. Such structures must have a high level of rigidity & accurate manufacturing tolerance. Interlock is designed to meet these requirements. 

An increasingly wide range of equipment is now being marketed. The final choice depends on a number of factors – size of installation, throughput, order picking requirements, size & weight of loads, capital available etc.

Drive-In Drive-Through Racking Systems

Drive-In Pallet Racking provide maximum storage capacity using the minimum amount of space. It is particularly suited to store very large quantities of homogeneous products. 

Drive-In Drive Through Pallet Racking System
Double Deep Pallet Racking System

Double Deep Pallet Racking System

A derivative to the Selective Pallet racking, the Double Deep system requires the use of a specialist reach truck or an attachment fitted to reach truck. Whilst achieving increases in capacity of up to 30 % above the former, only 50 % of the pallets are immediately accessible. 

Pallet Live Storage Racking System

Working on the principles of “parts to the picker”, the Live Storage system provides excellent volume utilization on First-in First-Out (FIFO) principle. 

Pallet Live Storage Racking System
Mobile Racking System

Mobile Racking System

Mobile Racking can increase storage capacity by over 100% over the conventional static racks without loss of selectivity. The Mobile Pallet Racking system comprises of individual racks mounted on mobile bases. These bases are power driven, and can be controlled using hand held remote controls. 

Schaefer Orbiter System

High density storage with channels in excess of 20 pallets in depth can be provided using the SSI SCHAEFER Orbiter System. Designed to meet all European Safety Standards the system increases capacity more than traditional Drive In Storage System, using an electrical driven trolley which runs on rails below the pallets. 

Schaefer Orbiter System
Automated Storage & Retrieval System

Automated Storage & Retrieval System

Fully automated warehouse and materials management system allows for accurate and timely inventory information. It integrates the processes relating to receiving & stocking in. The pallet storage system is based on the transfer of pallets via pallet conveyors and transfer carriages to the pallet racking serviced by Storage and Retrieval Machines.

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