Very Narrow Aisle Trucks

Jungheinrich premium Very Narrow Aisle Trucks (VNA) offer efficient space utilization in your warehouse. Our VNA trucks (high rack stackers) possess impressive performance feathers and maximum safety.

Our EFX 410-413 tri-lateral stackers are our specialists for combines use in narrow aisles, wide aisles and the apron area. The versatile and innovative EFX 410-413 has modular truck concept with front seat arrangement and side-mounted mast-provides optimum visibility of forks, load and travel route.

Warehouse NAVIGATION – Semi Automatic operations

With the development of RFID transponder technology, our sophisticated WarehouseNAVIGATION system guides the VNA truck automatically to the right position with millimeter position, using the most optimum path of travel and lift.

Product Detail

  • Lift: 3000 to 7000 mm
  • Type of Mast: Duplex mast ZT & Triplex Mast DZ
  • Capacity: 1000 to 1250 Kg
  • Travel speed: 9 Km/h
  • Lift speed: 0.41m/s

Basic features

  • Up to 25 percent greater performance with WarehouseNAVIGATION (0ptional)
  • High flexibility and optimized speed with RFID ground control technology
  • Ergonomically designed cab with cushioned comfort seat
  • High level of efficiency – 3-phase AC technology or Lithium Ion power
  • Reduced maintenance and wear


  • Unique truck concept with front seat and side-mounted mast
  • Unrestricted view of forks, load and travel route
  • Modular service packages and assistance systems
  • Induction Wire Guidance and Rail Guidance operations
  • Energy recovery during loading and braking
  • WarehouseNAVIGATION-Linked to Warehouse Management System (WMS)
  • Optional personnel protection system for maximum safety


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