Very Narrow Aisle Trucks

Jungheinrich Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) truck provides you the flexibility to stack pallets or pick individual articles with absolute ease. In the face of growing costs and product variety in the world of logistics, Jungheinrich VNA truck provides maximum throughput performance and space utilization.

Our powerful and highly efficient EKX series 4 and 5 Tri-lateral stackers are specialists for economical stacking and retrieval of entire pallets or picking individual articles in high bay warehouses. Whether middle lifting segment or lifting heights up to 18 meters - with our EKX you take your warehouse logistics to a new level.

Jungheinrich patented vibration damping, RFID ground control and smart assistance systems guarantee optimal handling and maximum safety.

Product Detail

  • Lift: 3000 to 18000 mm
  • Type of Mast: Duplex mast ZT & Triplex Mast DZ
  • Capacity: 1000 to 1600 kg
  • Travel speed: 10.5 to 12 km/h

Basic features

  • Up to 25 percent greater performance with WarehouseNAVIGATION (0ptional)
  • High flexibility and optimized speed with RFID ground control technology
  • Ergonomically designed cab with cushioned comfort seat
  • High level of efficiency – 3-phase AC technology
  • Reduced maintenance and wear


  • Intelligent lightweight construction boosts capacity by 100 kg
  • Maintenance-free and lowest energy consumption in its class-synchronous reluctance motors
  • Ergonomically designed Cab with electrically adjusted Control panel
  • Intelligent tracking of the truck via RFID technology
  • Vibration damping (Floor Pro) for use on uneven ground (optional)
  • Modular system with 5 million configuration options
  • sideshiftPLUS/liftPLUS/drivePLUS (optional) performance package for Series 5
  • Energy recovery during loading and braking
  • WaehouseNAVIGATION-Linked to Warehouse Management System (WMS)
  • Optional personnel protection system for maximum safety


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